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Unlock your dream home with ease and affordability! Benefit from our unique perks including rate buydowns for lower payments, rapid 2-week escrow closure, and partnerships for seamless moving and credit repair. Contact us now to experience a smoother, faster, and more cost-effective home buying journey!

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Experience the difference with Crowded Open House, where we go above and beyond to ensure your home buying journey is not just successful, but also filled with exclusive perks tailored just for you. From competitive rate buydowns that ease your financial burden, to rapid escrow closures ensuring you move into your dream home faster, we offer unique advantages that set us apart. Our partnerships with top-tier service providers mean smoother moving experiences and essential support every step of the way. Curious about the special rewards waiting for you? Fill out our form now and discover the personalized perks that make your home buying experience with us truly one-of-a-kind. Let’s bring your dream home within reach!

How it's works

Simply fill out our form to uncover the exclusive perks and tailored rewards that make our home buying process uniquely beneficial and streamlined just for you.

Initial Consultation:

Begin your home-buying journey with a personalized consultation. We’ll discuss your preferences, budget, and unique needs to understand exactly what you’re looking for in your dream home.

Home Search and Selection

Leveraging our extensive listings and market knowledge, we’ll present you with a curated selection of homes that match your criteria. We guide you through viewings and provide detailed insights on each property.

Financing and Offers

With our exclusive financing options, including rate buydowns and pre-negotiated mortgage rates, we ensure you get the best deal possible. We assist in making competitive offers and navigating the financial intricacies.

Closing the Deal

Our team works diligently to close your deal swiftly and efficiently, aiming for a 2-week escrow period. We handle all the paperwork and negotiations, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.

Post-Purchase Support

Even after you’ve received your keys, our commitment to you continues. From offering moving company partnerships to credit repair services, we’re here to ensure a seamless transition into your new home.

The Same House But Different.

The Same Home Cost Less With a Crowded OpenHouse Realtor! 

First Time Home Buyer

  • Benefits: Specialized guidance through every step of the home buying process, access to first-time buyer loan programs, and personalized education on home ownership.
  • Rewards: Reduced rate buydowns to make initial payments more manageable, and a comprehensive support system to navigate the complexities of their first home purchase.

Upgraders (Moving to a Larger or More Premium Home)

  • Benefits: Expert market analysis to find homes that meet upgraded standards, assistance in selling their current home, and tailored financing options for larger investments.
  • Rewards: Access to exclusive listings, competitive mortgage rates through pre-negotiated deals, and potentially faster closing times to streamline the upgrade process.

Investors (Buying Properties for Investment Purposes)

  • Benefits: In-depth market insights, analysis of potential ROI, and assistance in identifying properties that align with investment goals.
  • Rewards: Priority access to new listings and market opportunities, guidance on investment-specific financing, and ongoing support for future investment endeavors.

How it's works

When buying a home, there are several third-party fees that buyers typically incur. These costs are often separate from the price of the home itself and cover various services essential to the home buying process. Here are some of the common third-party fees, you may qualify for multiple rewards.

  • Mortgage Rate Buy Down
  • Appraisal Waiver
  • Home Inspection Waiver 
  • Pre-Paid Land Survey 
  • Escrow Fee Waiver
  • Free Future Refinance
  • Realtor Purchase Price Credit 
  • Loan Fee Waiver 
  • 1st 30 Days Interest Waiver
  • Closing Cost Credit 
  • Recording Fee Waiver ( depending on county )
  • Moving Company Credit 
  • Home Warranty Credit 

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